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About ABS Hospital

Having realised that patients With neurological diseases, frequently having underlying Cardio Problems. Hence, we realised to serve these overgrowing Number of patients, we decided to start a hospital which can serve neuro & Cardiac problems together. This hospital at the heart of city in Tolichowki In highly accessible to turn cities. It also has a GE Cath had where we can perform Cardiac intervention Procedures. This hospital is started in JUNE 2023.

about abs hospital

From a humble beginning in 250 SFT clinic area in 2018, about abs hospital we have grown to 2 full-fledged hospitals in at Attapur and Towlichowki by 2023 with the space of 50,000 SFT as of now . Started by a group of doctors, Dr Jaypal Reddy, Dr Jaleel Kirmani, Dr Abuzer, Dr Priyanka Sangani and Dr Ahmed Hussain, we are striving to raise the bar of standard of neurological care to all. We continue to serve with renewed zeal and enthusiasm only because of the trust and faith of our patients.

Good Infrastructre
Centrally Located Hospitals
Good Parking Facilities
Well Trained and experienced Doctors

We are Driven by Our Motto

The best interest of the patient is our only interest. about abs hospital We are constantly driven by this philosophy that when the best interest of the patient is taken care of and is protected everything else is secured.

  • In addition to patient care, we want to provide you treatment options are more holistic approach to several neurological disorders.
  • About ABS hospital We believe that further progress in the treatment of neurological diseases will occur only with the use of neuromodulation and we take pride in being the pioneers of this treatment in our country.
  • We have utilised a non-invasive form of neuromodulation called as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation or  rTMS, back in 2018.
  • About ABS hospital We are exploring further modalities for brain stimulation with the hope of improving neurological functions of our patients.

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