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ABS Neuro and Cardiac Hospital - Towlichowki

I'm from Sangareddy what a fantastic dr jaypal reddy has been treating my mama for major spine for the past 1 month jaypal sir treatment me correctly now my mama health is fine thank you so American brain spine hospital tolichowki Tq so much all staff also

abs hospital testmonials
Mohd Mustafa

What a fantastic doctor and wonderful, caring human being! Dr.Venkat Harin reddy has been treating my aunt for major seizures for the past six years. We drive 175 miles one way for each semiannual visit. Our confidence in Dr. Venkat Harin reddy and our regard for his skills and the personal attention he provides is so high that we do this gladly. He is one of a kind. We love him.

Rayankula Mythresh

Dr.Venkat Harin reddy is a gifted neurologist . Our daughter’s rare epilepsy had been written off by many as behavior issues for over 7 years. He has literally saved our daughter's life. Physicians as brilliant and compassionate as Dr. Venkat Harin reddy are rare. We recommend him without reserve.

Naveen Chowdary
America Brain & Spine Hospital - Attapur

Jaypal sir is well known doctor. I got know him by his father. I'm visiting from 3yrs old. Recently my mother got severe headache. So ,we consulted him, with the 2session.she got cured by 85%. I personally suggest and I'm very thankful to him and staff.

swathi cuty

Half of disease gon with her talking sach a beautiful man in earth dr.jaypal Reddy Saab One of the best dr. Thank you so much Saab All whishes from my heart to u Abs hospital 🏥 one of the best hospital in Hyderabad

Shaik Ghouse

He is trustworthy providing all solutions related to the spine best one Very happy with the treatment result here dr.jaypal and his team made me absolutely healthy Dr.jaypal Reddy you are the best doctor in Hyderabad and your team is very good Thanku American brain spine hospital

vicky pawaar

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