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American Brain and Spine Hospital

American Brain and Spine Hospital

American Brain and Spine Hospital With the hope of serving people better,Dr Jaypal Reddy and Dr Jaleel Kirmani, in the end of year 2019, decided to start our own neuro Hospital. Fortunately they found an existing building with the in-house MRI in American Brain and Spine Hospital in Attapur, midway of the expressway connecting the city to the airport.

After making suitable changes, the hospital got started on February 1, 2020. From day one,  several hundred patients were visiting for outpatient consultation. They even started admitting patients and the hospital was running full capacity within the first few days of opening. Initially, they had several critically ill patients who improved miraculously and got discharged.

This was greatly due to the hard work and sincerity of the ICU team headed by Dr Abuzer, Dr Shayan and Dr Safina. This instilled confidence in them and felt that the universe and the planets wherein sync with their ideas. Within three months, they realised a need for a much bigger hospital and they started searching for bigger buildings.

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american brain and spine hospital in hyderabd

In April 2020, Dr Priyanka are  neuro physician and Dr Ahmed Hussain, general physician who are extremely talented and hard-working joined the hospital and strengthened the hospital services.

Since starting the hospital, over a period of 28 months regular OP services were rendered everyday including Sundays, public holidays and major festivals.

In this 28 months more than 75,000 outpatient consultations were done, 600 major neuro and spine surgeries were performed. We are also happy to inform that our hospital is the only one in the entire world which had no surgical site infection. We had zero incidence of surgical site infections mostly because standard practices and our hospital being an exclusively neuro Hospital.

American Brain and Spine Hospital is a leader in the healthcare sector, providing comprehensive treatment for patients with neurological disease. ABS Neuro has long been at the forefront of neurology innovation — offering medically advanced treatments and cutting-edge technologies to diagnose diseases quickly and accurately. Our team consists of some of the top specialists from around the world who are highly skilled in their chosen fields.


All our staff members also take part in ongoing training programs that keep them up to date on current medical advancements, ensuring they can offer optimal care for our patients at all times. At American Brain & Spine Hospital we strive to make sure everyone receives access to quality patient care combined with superior customer service – setting us apart as a leading name within this field across America.

American Brain and Spine Hospital

American Brain and Spine Hospital, abs neuro hospital is the premier provider of neurological health care in Hyderabad. At our top rated facility we specialize in providing quality medical treatment for diseases related to brain and spine disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease and much more. Our team of highly skilled professionals provide comprehensive treatments including physical therapy which helps patients achieve optimal outcomes regardless of their condition or injury.


We have a variety of therapeutic services available that are designed to help individuals improve strength coordination balance motivation agility communication memory problem-solving skills emotions behavior safety awareness self-care abilities visual perception swallowing ability cognitive processing speed thinking process sensory integration overall movement function lifestyle adjustment and so on. 

To ensure effective patient management all these activities are conducted under close supervision by an experienced multidisciplinary healthcare team consisting primarily of neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, psychologists social workers, dieticians nurses, urologist, orthopedic specialists, audiologists optometrists, psychiatrists counselors, genetic counselors, neuro, radiologist, neurosurgeons, spinal surgeons, pediatricians, trauma specialist, rehabilitation, physician sleep, medicine physicians pain, clinicians cardiothoracic, imaging technologists, diagnostic, radiographers, mammography sonography echocardiograph laboratory scientists interventional radiology intensivists rehabilitating regional home breath testing respiratory therapist case managers etc. 

Here at American Brain and Spine Hospital – abs neuro hospital while delivering compassionate patient centered care through advanced technology focused on the utmost sense security with world class customer

ABS Neuro

At ABS Neuro Hospital which is the best American Brain and Spine Hospital, we understand the importance of providing our patients with the best possible outcomes. That’s why American Brain and Spine Hospital is a great partner for us in delivering top-notch medical care. With over 20 years experience treating thousands of neurological conditions, they are renowned as one of America’s premier providers when it comes to brain and spine related matters.


The highly trained team at American Brain and Spine Hospital are dedicated to helping each patient build better health by employing cutting edge technology along with traditional methods; such as surgery, imaging techniques or minimally invasive procedures using navigated robotics which bring greater precision without sacrificing safety that may be associated with more aggressive treatments.


They employ sophisticated diagnostic technologies like MRI/CT scans so that illnesses can be properly diagnosed before treatment begins. Their comprehensive approach ensures your quality care in every step from preoperative preparation through recovery aftercare giving you comfort knowing that you will have experienced staff available throughout your stay here at ABS Neuro Hospital working together on ensuring the very best outcome customized just for individual needs .

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