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Back pain

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatment in Hyderabad. Back pain is one of the most common problem that occur in any age group. It causes significant amount of disability in the modern world. It is important to understand its causes and when we need to approach a doctor for further treatment.

Back pain occurs because of several reasons for the back pain treatment in hyderabad  ABS neuro hospital is the best.  One of the commonest causes of back pain treatment in hyderabad is improper posture and weakness of the muscles of the back. The new epidemic of white-collar jobs which prompts people to sit for prolonged periods of time is causing majority of the back pains. Prolonged sitting increases the pressure within the vertebral column, more precisely within the disk causes disc protrusions or collapses. These issues can cause low back pain. 90% of the back pain treatment in hyderabad that we encounter in our clinic every day belongs to this category. 

Red Flags Of Back Pain Treatment In Hyderabad

This type of back pain can be easily corrected by frequent change of posture, if treated early for the back pain treatment in hyderabad ABS Neuro hospital is the solution. It means that a person needs to stand for couple of minutes for every 20 to 30 minutes of prolonged sitting. So a person who sits at his desk at work, after every 30 minutes, should stand up, stretch himself and sit again. This will decrease the build-up in disc pressure and prevent back pain treatment in hyderabad.

There are several other causes of back pain which are more serious. Whenever pain starts suddenly or spreads down into the legs or associated with fever or has difficulties with urination or motion, needs to be evaluated by a doctor at the earliest. These symptoms are called as the `Red flags` of back pain. In such cases an MRI test is probably the most useful test in the evaluation of back pain. This MRI of the back will give a complete idea of the bones and nerves. MRI in such cases may show bone slippage or displacement of one bone over the other, disc herniation, pinching of the nerve of the legs or decrease in the density of the bones.

Depending on the MRI scan reports, treatment is tailored accordingly. In some cases, bed rest and physiotherapy is advised and in some severe cases minor surgery is advised. One type of surgery includes endoscopic procedures, which are useful as they decrease the amount of pain and the surgery can be performed on a day care basis. It means that after spine surgery the patient can go home the same day. However, not all cases can be performed by endoscope. Certain cases need to be operated by an open method.

Open surgeries are of two types. One such procedure is where the nerve roots are decompressed by removing a part of the bone of the spine and it usually means a procedure called ‘laminectomy’. There is another procedure called as a ‘laminectomy and Fusion’ in which screws and rods are used to stabilize the bones of the spine. With the availability of modern techniques these procedures are usually very successful and safe.

The causes of back pain treatment in hyderabad are varied and if persistent, the patient needs to consult a neurologist for further treatment. As we all agree, prevention is better than cure, we need to exercise regularly, achieve and maintain optimal weight for prevention of back pain. ABS Neuro is top most hospital to Back Pain Treatment in Hyderabad.

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