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Chronic pain

Chronic pain treatment

The burden of chronic pain treatment is a huge and is frequently debilitating to the patient and to the family. Chronic pain is pain that lasts frequently for several months and even years. The causes of chronic pain are very different from that of acute pain. It usually occurs because of damage to the nerves of the body.

Hence the chronic pain treatment is also very different.Frequently we get several patients of chronic pain to our hospital. As usual we examine the patient’s take history to see whether there is any problem outside the nerve that is still responsible for the pain. If on investigations we do find some problems outside the nerve like slip disk or a tumour that not have been identified earlier, we address this problem of chronic pain treatment.

chronic pain treatment

If we do not identify any problem outside the nerve and the pain is coming from the nerve itself we use several treatment modalities like medicines for chronic pain treatment, injections to the diseased area and frequently use treatment options like neuromodulation.

We have found the use of electricity very useful in treating patients with chronic pain. The advantages are that it is nonpharmacological and avoids all the side effects of chronic pain treatment medicines. Also we believe electricity is an alternative and complementary therapy to the medicines that we use for these patients. So frequently we use modalities like transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or frequently TENS therapy to treat and cure these patients. Also as the brain is the final preceptor of pain.

We frequently stimulate the different pain areas of the brain by using a direct current called as transcutaneous direct current stimulation or tDCS or using a magnet that is able to penetrate the brain painlessly effectively called as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation o rTMS.With these therapies we have been able to effectively help several thousands of patients cope up with their pain.

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