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Neurology treatment

Neurology treatment

Neurology treatment is a field of medicine that deals with the diseases of the neurological system. The Neurology treatment essentially consists of the brain, the spine and the nerves that are spread throughout the body. In the last four decades Neurology treatment has made significant strides in diagnosing and treating several disorders that where here why thought untreatable.

The contest diseases that affect the nervous system are headache, back and neck pain, hand and leg weakness and numbness, fits also called as seizures, dizziness or vertigo and brain stroke.

Neurology treatment

The significant contribution for the advancement of Neurology treatment in the last four decades have been the introduction of advanced imaging techniques in the form of CT scans and MRI which have helped us diagnose diseases that have been diagnosed earlier. The recent introduction of Neurology treatment which essentially consists of several blood tests to understand the antibodies involved in the destruction of the Neurology treatment have also led to our understanding of these diseases. Neurology treatment immune modulation has been recently introduced which involves modulating the immune system of the body to prevent the body itself attacking the nervous system which needs Neurology treatment by antibodies that have gone wrong.

Nervous system and their Diagnosis and treatment.

Let us start with the most common disease of the nervous system which is probably the headache. Headache affects all ages and communities. The frequent causes of headache are migraine, tension type of headache also called as TTH. They frequently occurs because of irritation of the nerves that supply the scalp of the head. They usually occur because of irregular lifestyle. MRI and CT scan of these patients are usually normal. Their frequency and intensity of headaches can be greatly improved with medicines and advice on a disciplined lifestyle.

There are certain red flags in headache which need to be immediately addressed. Unlike migraine and TTH headaches which usually have a long history, there are certain headaches that occur suddenly. Headaches that occur with severe intensity for the first time and frequently described as the worst headaches of their lifetime may be because of a ruptured blood vessel in the brain. These needs to be addressed immediately with CT scan and other investigations. 

Brain infections

Another frequent cause of Neurology treatment problems are brain infections. In our country, we still have diseases like tuberculosis affecting the brain then Neurology treatment. There are other infections that affect the brain and are usually bacterial. Rarely a worm that frequently affects the stomach and intestine migrates to the brain and causes infections. This is called as neurocysticercosis or frequently called as NCC Neurology treatment. They usually make manifest as headaches, fits and rarely drowsiness. These infections of the brain are technically called as meningitis when they affect the coverings of the brain, cerebritis and encephalitis. These conditions are very serious and need to be addressed immediately. Along with the regular investigations of CT scan and an MRI, in such cases we frequently resort to obtaining small amount of fluid that circulates around the brain and spine called as cerebral spinal fluid or CSF from the lower back through a procedure called as lumbar puncture or LP. This fluid is analyzed to understand the cause of infection and the treatment is tailored by the findings of CSF analysis.

Dizziness or vertigo

The common disease that affects the nervous system is a condition called us dizziness or technically called as vertigo Neurology treatment. The two common reasons for such problems are disorders of the inner ear, swelling of the nerves that supply the inner ear and connect to the brain follows vestibular nerves or rarely brain stroke. 

Brain stroke especially of the brainstem or cerebellum can also lead to dizziness. Dizziness when it is positional that means which occurs with change of position of the head and neck are usually diseases of the inner ear and are not serious issues. Dizziness that occurs at all times unrelated to the movement of the head is usually because of serious issue of the brainstem.

Since our doctors have ABS neuro Hospital deal with several patients of dizziness everyday they’re able to diagnose and treat these patients effectively and safely.

Brain stroke

Another disease of the nervous system which is common, dangerous and that causes significant morbidity and mortality is brain stroke. Brain stroke is a disease that occurs because of decreased blood supply to the brain. It occurs in elderly usually about 65 years of age. However in our country we see frequently this disease affecting younger population especially men and women below 40 years of age. When it affects young people it is called a stroke in young.


Stroke in young occurs because of accumulation of fat within the blood vessels that take blood from the heart to the brain. It usually causes inflammation around this fat deposition. This disease is called as atherosclerosis. The other causes of brain stroke are abnormal blood vessels and abnormal thickening of the blood that is called as thrombosis. This disease is an emergency and has to be treated immediately.

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