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Peripheral neuropathy treatment

Peripheral neuropathy treatment

Numbness and pain in hands and feet is a very common problem and usually associated with a condition known as peripheral neuropathy treatment. This condition of peripheral neuropathy treatment is a fairly common condition and occurs in 10% of our population. The incidence of this is likely to increase in view of our aging population and increasing incidence of diabetes and hypothyroidism.  

Numbness and pain usually occur because the nutrition of nerves and the electrical activity of nerves is deranged. It is a serious condition as it is likely to increase incidence of falls in the elderly as their feet become insensitive.  Rarely brain stroke can be a cause. The common causes of peripheral neuropathy treatment include diabetes, hypothyroidism, nutritional problems like inadequate intake of vitamins, side effects of commonly used drugs, ingestion of toxins and genetic problems.

peripheral neuropathy treatment

Numbness in hands and feet which occurs more at nights. Strength also decreases in hands and legs and patients may have problems getting up from chairs and reaching out for overhead objects. Diagnosis of this condition usually is clinical and is done by a neurologist or a neurosurgeon who examines the patient.


MRI of the brain and the spine are usually necessary to rule out other problems. Nerve conduction studies are usually conducted to understand the underlying conditions responsible for this disease.

peripheral neuropathy treatment is a very common disorder which leads to serious problems and can be treated effectively if diagnosed early. Hence if you or any of your loved ones` have pain or numbness in hands and legs it is important to give get yourself checked by a neurologist or neurosurgeon at the earliest.

Bowel and Bladder Problems can also occur in the form of constipation, inability to control urine and rarely inability to pass  urine. The treatment of this condition usually consists of treating the underlying disease. Good sugar control is mandatory  as it prevents further damage to the nerves Regular exercise and good nutrition also plays a very important role. Several medicines are available to improve this condition and also relieve pain.


Physiotherapy in the form of transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation also is useful in this condition. Sometimes surgery in the form of nerve releases are also performed to improve the functioning  of the nerves as they get entrapped in the several tunnels that  they pass through within our body.

The surgeries that are performed for the peripheral neuropathy treatment are releasing nerves as an entrapment syndromes, removal of nerve tumors and repair of damaged nerves especially after injuries. The commonest entrapment syndrome is the carpal tunnel syndrome which frequently occurs in women especially if they have hypothyroidism or diabetes. 

It is a condition characterised by pain in the hand and occurs because of compression of the median nerve at the wrist it also frequently occurs because of excessive usage of hand is in typing and cooking. The carpal tunnel release is a surgery that is usually done as an outpatient procedure and is quite rewarding as the patients frequently experience very good relief after carpal tunnel procedure. We at ABS Hospital are performed several hundreds of this carpal tunnel surgery, safely and effectively. We also take pride in repairing peripheral neuropathy treatment nerves especially brachial plexus nerves after injuries. We perform procedures called as distal neurotization procedures. We have so successfully repaired several brachial plexus injuries. 

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