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Radiology test

Radiology test is a branch of medicine that is used to image different parts of the body for a diagnostic and therapeutic uses. This field is increasingly getting specialised and is the backbone of diagnosis and treatment of several diseases. Unlike the rest of the body the brain and spine cannot be readily examined or seen. Hence we use several imaging modalities to treat neurological problems. The common imaging modalities that are used are CT scan, MRI, ultrasound and x-ray.

radiology test

CT scan stands for computerised tomography and is used to understand the bony anatomy of the brain and the spine. In the brain, we use frequently in emergencies as we are able to understand whether the patient needs surgery or can be managed medically. It is used in the initial diagnosis of stroke and head injuries.


We also use it to diagnose causes of headache. Headache is a common complaint and with the use of a CT scan were able to diagnose whether the patient has any underlying problem. CT scan in general is very quick and safe when used properly. It is generally not used in pregnant women and in children under five years of age unless the benefits outweighs the risks involved. At ABS Hospital , Attapur and Towlichowki, we have an in-house 32 slice CT scanner which provides the best in class images. 

Our CT scanners are able to perform CT angiograms of the brain, spine and also peripheral limbs. MRI of the brain and the spine are responsible for the several advancements that are happening in the field of neuroscience. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging and gives unparalleled details of the images of the brain and the spine. 


MRI is again a very safe imaging modality and does not involve any radiation. It has excellent soft tissue resolution. MRI is frequently used to assess chronic problems as each scan of MRI takes around 20 to 25 minutes. Some patients have claustrophobia in which they have fear of closed spaces and hence in them we may have to perform MRI after giving some sedation. We at ABS Hospital have a 1.5 Tesla MRI with excellent quality and resolution.


Though traditionally ultrasound is used for imaging the abdomen and pelvis, it is increasingly used to diagnose neurological problems especially of the peripheral nerves and musculoskeletal systems. Unlike MRI, ultrasound is cheap fast safe and can be done repeatedly. We at ABS Hospital have advanced GE portable and the fix ultrasounds and high-frequency probes that are able to diagnose superficial structures like the peripheral nerves. With ultrasound of the peripheral nerves were able to diagnose conditions like diabetic neuropathy and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Neurosurgery is a surgical specialty that involves the diagnosis, treatment, and surgical management of disorders affecting the central nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.

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Endoscopy is a medical procedure that uses an endoscope, a flexible tube with a light and a camera attached to it, to visualize and examine the internal organs and structures of the body. 

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